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Hello Ivo,

I hope you are doing well! I would like to be able to hide the "Offcanvas Toggle" so that it is only visible on Mobile.

I found the other discussions here and here where you say

Gantry 5 automatically detects if there is something published in the Offcanvas section (except the Mobile Menu particle) and if there is, then the Offcanvas icon is shown

However, in Gantry's "Hydrogen" template, under
"Styles >> Offcanvas Section"
there is an option called
"Toggle Visibility"
with the options of
"Mobile Menu"
. It appears you have removed this functionality so your particles can work they way you intended. Is it possible for you to add the
Toggle Visibility
back by adding it to the
Search/Login particle

If that is not possible, let me know how I can add the original functionality back that is available in the Hydrogen template.

The reason I need this functionality is that I have some things published in the offcanvas section that are only supposed to be viewed when on a mobile device.

kind regards,

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