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Two layout positions sticky

Is it possible to make to different layout position rows be sticky? With Milano, I can see that the header is sticky. What I need to be able to do is to make the first row be 0.5 opaque. I need the second row, where the menu and logo lives, to be transparent only before it switches to be "sticky" at -300px.

I have added a second row to the header above the menu, but my problem is that I can't make the entire header transparent and just the first row solid. It clears the "margins" on the left and right as well, so the middle of it is solid, but not the edges of the site. I can get the second row with the menu transparent, and because the header area is transparent too, it is transparent all the way from left to right fullwidth.

I'm trying to replicate an existing template from a wordpress site and it is setup to work this way.

If I can get like "top" and "header" to both be sticky, I think I can get it to do what I want it to do. But, I tried adding the same stick header to both positions in the layout tab and it doesn't work.

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