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I am using the inspiretheme slideshow(Joomla) particle on a site which I assume is compatible only with UIkit2 rather than UIkit3. I am asking because I am trying to do an accordion sidebar menu. I see your accordion is for articles only. Poking around in source code I realized that it is largely a matter of assigning the correct classes with UIkit running. So, I started with the default mod_menu from Joomla and dropped the UIkit classes in what I believe are the proper locations. My work is attached as a zipped module. I set it up as a template layout overrride so the zip is still labeled mod_menu - renaming might be required for a standard install or just drop the files into /templates/YOUR_GANTRY_TEMPLATE/html/mod_menu and choose the "accordion" layout from the module. Of course YOUR_GANTRY_TEMPLATE needs the UIkit atom installed.

Everything is animating great, but I can't click on the links to the menu items. The links are there and I can right-click "open link in a new tab" so they work, but a standard click simply opens and closes the accordion without going to the linked menu items.

So, I am betting I should not update UIkit to version 3 or my inspire theme slideshow will stop working right? However, version 3 of UIkit has...

<ul uk-accordion="collapsible: false">...</ul>

...which version 2 appears to lack. I think this feature would keep the accordion open and allow me to successfully click menu items.

Any assistance is greatly appreciated. Let me know if credentials for the site I am working on are helpful and I can add them.

Thank you.
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