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Variations field for sections not working

Hello Ivo,

In two of your templates, Medical & Startup, when I click on the cog wheel for the section settings, and try to add a "variation", the Variations field is not responsive. Meaning, when I start to type something to pick a Variation, no dropdown shows with the variations to choose from. If I simply try to manually add the variations by typing them in and then saving, they do not save as they are not recognized.

This option works fine with Rocket Theme templates that I've tested as well as the free Hydrogen & Helium templates.

I'm using the latest version of Joomla (v3.9.12) & Gantry 5 (v5.4.29) as well as the latest version of your themes,Startup v1.2 & Medical v1.3.

thanks in advance for looking in to this.

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