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Hi Ivo

I am using "hidden-desktop" "hidden-tablet" and "hidden-phone" but I believe there is a 4th one called "hidden-desktop-large" or similar?
I cannot find a list of these breakpoint hidden suffixes in the Oxygen documentation or the gantry docs. Can you let me have the names please? Do you maintain a complete list of mod class suffixes for each template ?

Also I have read a lot in the forum about NOT using these "hidden" classes as module class suffixes but instead to use the layout manager and hide module positions using them there.

I need to switch responsively between 2 different modules in the same position - a desktop version and a phone version
I have used "hidden-phone" as a module class suffix on the desktop version and "hidden-desktop" and "hidden-tablet" as a module class suffix on the phone version and it seems to work fine.

What are the short falls or problems in using the classes like this and not using layout manager ?


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