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Hi Ivo, I know you're not going to develop any theme for GRAV, but I have some websites in Joomla built with IT templates and I'd love to switch them to GRAV.

I wonder if you can point me in the right direction for this change. From a quick first look I gather there are some folders and files in a joomla template that aren't used in Grav themes (html, fields, languages component.php, templatedetails.xml for instance).

In other words Is there a way to recreate an IT Joomla Template in GRAV?

I know that you're working hard on updating your templates to Joomla 4 and I don't need an urgent reply, as I've already updated my Joomla sites to 3.10 version. I only need to know if there is a workflow I should know to implement this switching ;)

As usual, thanks for your precious advice!!
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