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Hi all,

Its x-mas, a time for family, nice meals and... building websites! :p
I have a question, which has absolutely no priority so just ignore me posting with x-mas :)

I have a new website (with the Sanctum template) which is already online: levenszin nl.
Again, I really enjoyed working with IT's template, it's getting more and more fun to do!

I used the popup module, the red button in the upper right corner.
I put a Breezingforms form in it.
The problem is that the sticky menu is on top of the form. So when people scroll, for example on mobile, the hamburger menu lies on top of the form,
so they can't send it but get the menu instead when tapping the form.

I have been trying all kinds of options with z-indexes, but I can't find a solution.

Do you have a suggestion for me?

Have a nice last week of 2018!

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