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Gantry 5 - Outlines Explained (Tutorial)

Hey guys, it's been a while since I wrote my last tutorial so I decided to prepare another one :)
Well, I don't know if this post can be classified as a "tutorial" or it is more of an "explanation" but still, there are many Gantry 5 users who do not utilize the full power of the framework.

The goal of this article is to explain what an Outline is and how you can use them to customize the look and feel of your pages.
I will also give you some practical examples of what you can do with the Outlines :)

Gantry 5 - Recommended Workflow

As most of you already know, the Gantry 5 framework is one of the most advanced, most properly coded and most awesome frameworks available on the Web. It is the first-ever platform-independent framework and it works on Joomla, WordPress and the Grav CMS.

But developing a true platform-independent framework is quite of a challange. The Gantry 5 developers (the awesome guys at Rockettheme) had to come up with the concept and with the architecture and in my opinion they did it in the best possible way! They had to standardize the different aspects of the platforms which is why you see things like "Particles", "Atoms" and so on.

Web Design Trends & Gantry 5

Web design trends come and go, some can stay for a long period, others just fade away. It's already the middle of 2016 and we all can see that there is no revolution in the design techniques and trends much different than 2015. In this brief article we are going to summarize the most attractive design trends and how they can be achieved with our Inspire Theme templates and the Gantry 5 framework.

Gantry 5 Review

As most of you know every professional Joomla! template comes with a framework which holds the whole style, design and features. To me, if Joomla! is the body, the framework is the soul. You need a great soul to have a great character, no matter if it comes down to a person, product or whatever.

In the early days of my template development I've tested many frameworks like Warp, Gantry, T3 and Helix. My first choice back then was Warp 6, which offered very flexible (for the time...) functionality and features. After that I switched to Helix 2 and Helix 3, which are both very well built frameworks. In the mean time I was reading about Gantry 5 and all the cool stuff that RocketTheme team planned to do with it. I followed the progress and was there when they released it - not literally of course, I was at home, downloaded it and tried to play with it :)

Joomla - Modules Open on Home Page

We love Joomla, but sometimes things can be confusing. One of those things is when module links are linking to Home page (front-page article section) and in the component section the linked article is opened, but with all modules from Home page.

Ok, the problem here is caused from the lack of a menu item for this exact Joomla article. This is because Joomla is based on menu items. In order to have a page, you need to have a menu item for it. Once you have a menu you can assign modules to this menu item and extend the page however you like.

Create One-Page Menu Using Helix 3 Templates

Every once in a while you need to have a simple one-page site, or a nice landing page in which the menu should only link to the sections you have in this page. The solution will be to have the so-called "One-Page Menu". This menu gives you the ability to link all your sections and the whole menu navigation stays only on the current page.

Now we'll show you how you can achieve this using our Helix 3 based templates. Let's try it :)

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