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Hi all,

I would like to add a custom font for my website and I tried to use this font in the menu. Unfortunately the font I have to use is not a Google font.
In an earlier post I read that following the G5-documentation would help - but I have a question about this:

I started from 'Installing a Custom Font: Example' at (so not adding a font to the font picker, but adding a custom font)

I uploaded the 4 versions of my font 'BrandonRegular'. [see the attached file: font1]
My SCSS looks like: [see the attached file: font2]

I hope this is ok, so far?

Then, the instruction is:
'Once you have added the font to your theme's custom content directory, you can apply it to your site. For example, if you wanted the title of a Particle to appear in the Bloody font, you would reference it in the Particle's Twig file.'

I think I have to go to the menu particle in the Base Outline, but then I get stuck. Does anyone have a suggestion about the instruction about the Twig file?

Thanks very much in advance!
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