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Dear Ivo,
I'm sure you're aware of the next major update of Gantry to Gantry5.5 version.
I've done some testing on it, working locally with free Helium template and GRAV 1.7.17. I'm a bit disappointed because there are still problems unsolved, like the old issue of Grav not accepting more than one category in some particles like "ContentPro"(see
Apart from this, there is also a problem with copy/importing particles: it looks like it's impossible to import new particles from other templates using this path:
user/data/gantry5/themes/my-theme/ and including the file yaml and html.twig in a custom folder "particles", creating the "js" folder (if needed) and including the related css in a custom folder "scss" (of course writing @import "name-of-the-particle"; in the custom.scss file).
the link to the issue is here
I wonder if you've tried and tested the new Gantry5.5 and have experienced the same problem...
Just curious, this is not a request of support ;)

Accepted Answer

Monday, July 19 2021, 02:32 PM - #Permalink
Hi Elisabetta,

I have not tested Gantry 5.5 on Grav yet, but I tested it on Joomla.
There are still some issues with the Menu Editor and other things. But everything will be fixed for the official release.

Now, regarding your issue - it does not seem to be related to Gantry 5.5. There is just a undefined variable in the particle that you are trying to install.
For more details and for the solution please have a look at this discussion and the link in it :)
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    Monday, July 19 2021, 03:46 PM - #Permalink
    Hi Ivo, probably it was my fault, because I've just uploaded the IT "slideshow" particle for GRAV and it works without trouble.
    Are you also going to update the "Uikit" atom?The version of your atom is still 1.1.2 and I can see that other developers use Uikit 3 at present
    Thanks as usual for your time!
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    Wednesday, July 21 2021, 10:58 AM - #Permalink
    Hi Elisabetta,

    No problem :)

    The version of our "UIkit for Gantry 5" atom is 1.1.2 but it loads UIkit v2.27.4
    Regarding UIkit v3 - please have a look at this discussion.
    We first need to release the Joomla 4 version of our templates and only them we can focus on updating to UIkit v3.
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