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I finished a project

Hi all,

I recently finished eindhovenfilmfestival nl
The customer provided me with a PDF with the design of the website, made by someone else. At first, I thought that this could be quite a challenge using an IT template because the design was so... eh... different ;)

But I built this website with Construction and again for me it was a confirmation that with the great IT templates as a starting point, you can make anything that you would like to! During the process Ivo supported me again in an excellent way in the forum, so thanks!

With the best regards,

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Monday, November 12 2018, 03:18 PM - #Permalink
Amazing Project - Well made!
Many congrats Stefan
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    Monday, November 12 2018, 03:37 PM - #Permalink
    Thanks Konstantinos! :)
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    Monday, November 12 2018, 07:01 PM - #Permalink
    Hey Stefan,

    I said it before but let me say it again - this project is really awesome!
    It is very difficult to say that this is our Construction template :D

    And thank you very much for the kind words!
    Yep, I've been saying this quite some times as well, and I'm very, VERY happy when I see projects like this one - guys, you do not need to build websites that look exactly as the template demo. By installing the particles you need, by experimenting with the particle settings and by applying just a little custom CSS you can achieve whatever design you want.
    Well, in your case Stefan, the custom CSS was a bit more than "just a little", especially with the Media Queries :D

    Thank you for sharing your work Stefan and... keep building awesome websites!
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    Monday, November 12 2018, 07:23 PM - #Permalink
    Very attractive and pleasant interface!
    I really couldn't relate it to the Construction template which looks much more formal. Needs creational thinking this implementation.

    Playing around I found and I liked your filter function and trying to discover the technology behind it, I ended up to Ivo's special popup-module particle published in a post here in this forum and for which I was not aware of its existence.

    Fonts also are great and very special (Massimo Grafia i think

    Congratulations and thanks for sharing!
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