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I've just renewed my membership...

Hi, Ivo and Happy 2024!!
I've just renewed my membership, taking advantage of the ITTURNS8 code. I was to give up this year, because I no longer use Joomla templates, except Delight for one of my websites. I switched to GRAV because of its speed compared to Joomla (no database = faster website), I hope you'll consider converting at least some of your templates to GRAV themes, which is one of the reasons I renewed. The other is that I still use tons of your particles and in case of issues, your support is and has always been STELLAR!
And so I'm up and running for another year with IT :)
And please consider developing GRAV Themes as well ;)
Best of luck for your 8 y.o. birthday!!!

Accepted Answer

Thursday, January 11 2024, 11:18 PM - #Permalink
Hey Elisabetta,

Thank you very much for renewing your subscription and for the kind words! I really appreciate that :)

To be honest, we do not have plans to start converting our Joomla templates to Grav themes in the near future... but who knows ;)
However, as you very well know already, all our particles are compatible with the Grav CMS and I will be more than happy to assist you whenever you have a problem or question!

Thank you once again for being part of the InspireTheme community and for the kind words!
Have a great evening and see you in the forums :)
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