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New website with Glory

Hi together,

yesterday I uploaded the next version of our company's website regarding boat covers and boat enclosures.
It is by far the largest website regarding this topic in Germany and Europe with almost 5000 images in our JoomGallery and many articles.

Our website has started with Joomla 1.0.13 and has grown since then. 2013 I switched over to RocketTheme / Ionosphere (non-responsive) and now it is based on Gantry5 with the Glory template.

I have used quite a lot of Ivo's great particles (
thanks for the great support!
) and some of RocketTheme's.

The site is still not finished (there are some problems with JCHoptimize which I haven't found out yet) but I think it's good enough for going public.

I hope you like what I did:

And if you find something that you don't like or doesn't work, please let me know. We can only learn by our faults (I'm only an interested amateur).

With best regards,

Accepted Answer

Tuesday, March 13 2018, 10:39 PM - #Permalink
Hi Björn,

I'm not sure I understand what you mean about the "Fixed Module" CSS/SCSS file.
If you attach a screenshot that shows how/why Google does not like it, I might understand :)

Basically, nothing/nobody should complain about a missing SCSS file unless..... unless you have imported it in your custom.scss file.
So, if the "Fixed Module" particle does not need a SCSS file, then you should make sure that you do NOT have the following code in your custom.scss file:

@import "fixed-module";

If you have the above code in your custom.scss file but at the same time the _fixed-module.scss file is not available, then you will get an error when Gantry tries to recompile the CSS.
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    Monday, March 12 2018, 06:41 PM - #Permalink
    Hey Björn,

    It looks great!
    Honestly, I love it :)

    And thank you very much for the kind words and for sharing your work ;)
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    Monday, March 12 2018, 09:26 PM - #Permalink
    Hi Ivo,

    have you experienced any problems with JCHoptimize? I have the pro version together with Jotcache, but as soon I switched JCH on, the page loads forever (even with the smallest automatic settings).
    I have contacted JCHoptimize to look into it since with Gantry4 and Ionosphere there was no problem at all.
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  • Accepted Answer

    Tuesday, March 13 2018, 10:41 AM - #Permalink
    Hi Björn,

    Nope, I haven't experienced such an issue.
    And as you might have noticed, all our template demos (including Glory and including are optimized with JCH Optimize.
    However, I have never used Jotcache. You might want to disable it and see how it goes.

    I seems that there is something in your website that's causing the issue.
    Try disabling any/all 3rd party extensions that you are using (that do not come with Glory by default) and see how it goes.
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  • Accepted Answer

    Tuesday, March 13 2018, 11:18 AM - #Permalink
    Jotcache is a nice replacement for the normal sitecache, but it is not causing the fault ( I even deinstalled it without success).

    You might remember that I got the fixed-module from you.
    However even if it doesn't need any css-file Google does not like it.
    If you install the fixed module and go into Google Webmaster tools Google is missing a css file for the module and gives a warning.
    I did the trick with uploading an empty _fixed-module.scss to the custom folder, now Google is happy.
    Maybe for the future always include a scss file even it it's not necessary.
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  • Accepted Answer

    Wednesday, March 14 2018, 11:57 AM - #Permalink
    Ahhh, something learned again.
    I thought the fixed module has to be imported into the custom.scss as any other particle.
    Therefore Google complained there is something missing for rendering the site (the missing scss-file).

    Do you you only use @import "particle"; if it has an own scss file? Otherwise it is not necessary?
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  • Accepted Answer

    Wednesday, March 14 2018, 01:38 PM - #Permalink
    No worries Björn.

    Yep, that's correct - the @import "particle"; code actually imports/adds the particle SCSS file.
    So, if the particle does not come with a SCSS file, you should not import anything in your custom.scss file :)
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    Wednesday, March 14 2018, 03:02 PM - #Permalink
    But that is missing in the Gantry5 documentation, maybe they should mention it somewhere.

    Is there any possibility to load a different layout for different view points with Gantry5?

    For me it woul be gread to load a different layout for tablets without #sidebar.
    But since there are modules published in it to , you can't use the Gantry5 classes to let them disappear, the empty space is still be taken by the #sidebar.

    On desktop view I have published a side menue in the sidebar which should disappear on tablets and give the space free for the article.

    But I have found no way to achieve this with Gantry5. Probably not possible?
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  • Accepted Answer

    Wednesday, March 14 2018, 06:38 PM - #Permalink
    Hi Björn,

    No, it is not possible to load a different layout/outline depending on the device.

    But you can hide the Sidebar by using the hidden-phone and hidden-tablet classes as explained in the "Gantry 5 Basics" section in the Glory documentation.
    Notice what is written there:

    If you want to hide some modules/elements on some devices (phones, tablets, etc) you should use the hidden-phone, hidden-tablet, etc. classes but you should add them in the particular module positions (under the "Block" tab) in the Layout Manager, rather then in the "Module Class Suffix" field for the particular module. You will find more details in the "Layout Manager" chapter in the Gantry Documentation.

    For more details, please have a look at this discussion.
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    Thursday, March 15 2018, 08:44 PM - #Permalink
    Hi Ivo,

    with the help of JCH-Optimize I found out, what went wrong with the JCH plugin:
    because of the missing scss-file of the fixed module the plugin went into a timeout and the page was not loaded.
    Small cause big effect.
    Maybe this info can be useful if someone else gets problems with JCH and time out - check your imported scss files ;-)
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    Friday, March 16 2018, 11:45 AM - #Permalink
    Thank you for the update Björn!
    Yep, it will definitely be helpful for other users (and for me) as well ;)
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