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This might be a gantry issue, so just let me know if so. This site has been working just fine, template wise, for many months. In production for over a year. Suddenly, all page views are being displayed with the might template default outline. should have one additional module at bottom of page in position mainbottom-pricing. looks blank because the module position showcase-pricing is not rendering.

I have these two pages assigned to one of 2 non-default template outlines. Each of these two outlines has a module position applied only to that outline. All are still active, I don't feel I've touched anything. But these additional positions (mainbottom-priicing and showcase-pricing) are just not rendering anymore on these 3 displayed pages. I've attached screenshots of the settings showing what I think is correct, and unchanged.

When I change one of these two outlines as default, the corresponding URLs display correctly because that custom module position does render. That is why I am thinking that the default template outlines is the only one being rendered, even when I've assigned a menu item to another outline.

Any info that can help me resolve this is very much appreciated!!!!
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