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Hi ,sorry for this new question but when I contact you before buying your template about the compatibility with php 8.1 you answer that:

"Regarding your other questions - yes, all our templates are Joomla 4.1.x compatible and they are also PHP 8.1 compatible.
For more details, please have a look at this blog post."

But it is not exact for all, Gantry last version is not compatible with PHP 8.0 and surely with PHP 8.1 . When I want to edit a layout of your template I have this image, see file joined (PHP 8.jpg)

Perhaps I missed an explanation, so I will continue to search for this problem because RocketTheme in his documentation said that Gantry last version is compatible with php 8.1 Actually it is not true in the new blank installation of your template after upgrading to joomla 4.1.2 and Php 8. When I return to php 7.4 all works fine.

I know that Gantry is at Rocket Theme but I am disappointed that you do not precise this information on your answer.

Also I add a image of the necessary click for installing your quick install in french Joomla , I suppose that this image can help other users for installing correctly the quick install or your template. See QuickInstall.jpg

Excuse my english.
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