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i have an question about the side block on this site: Here.

Attached is an screenshot with the block what i mean.

Does someone here know how that has be done or if the is an joomla module like that? I couldn't find something that would fit until now.

Maybe someone here know something, thanks in forward! :)
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    Monday, May 13 2019, 05:38 PM - #Permalink
    Hi Marcel,

    This is done with a lot of custom coding.

    The idea is kind of similar to our Gadgets particle which you need to publish in the drawer position.
    Where there you have quite a lot of custom coding:

    1. Make the drawer position in "absolute" position with CSS.
    2. Do other styling with CSS
    3. Attach a click event with JavaScript so you can open/close the position
    4. Etc

    It is really not that simple.
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