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Partners & Deals

Hey guys, we are very happy to announce that we partnered up with some of the biggest and most reputable companies in our industry!
Please check out our Partners & Deals page :)

For the last two years we were able to establish InspireTheme as one of the leading Joomla Template Providers and to build a reputation of a trusted and stable partner.

Lawyer - Gantry 5 Joomla Template

Hey guys, we just released our new template! We are very happy to present to you Lawyer - a modern, clean and perfectly coded Gantry 5 theme for Joomla!

Lawyer was designed with the Lawyer firms in mind but it fits perfectly in any business, corporate and portfolio website.
Our goal was to develop a modern and trendy product which is supper flexible and gives you all the futures you might need to build an awesome website!

InspireTheme sponsoring Joomla World Conference 2017

As you guys know, our business is based mostly on Joomla and the Gantry 5 framework (which also works on WordPress and Grav CMS). Basically, our company exists because we have all these awesome platforms so we, as web developers, can create some cool things that ease your work and allow you to do some pretty nice things.

Joomla, Grav CMS and the Gantry 5 framework are all open source projects which are available for free and which are developed and maintained by their communities - volunteers, who put their time and knowledge in those projects without receiving any financial benefit in return!

Joomla 3.8 Update

Hey guys, the last few days we were hard at work on updating all our Joomla templates!
We just released a new version of each and every template which includes the latest version of the particles, some minor bug fixes, some important Accessibility (WGAC 2.0) improvements (thank you Lisa and Giora), some new features, the latest stable version of UIkit (2.27.4) and a bunch of other cool things!

We also updated the Quickstart packages so now they come with Joomla 3.8.1 and with the latest version of all extensions!

Gantry 5 Particles for Grav CMS

Last week we were hard at work in order to bring our platform-specific particles to Grav CMS. By "platform-specific" we mean the particles that fetch platform content automatically. And to be more precise, the particles in question are Top News, News PRO, Accordion, Content PRO and Slideshow.

For those of you who don't already know, Grav is a pretty cool, simple and flexible file-based CMS developed by the same team (Rockettheme) that develops the Gantry 5 framework. If you have haven't tried it yet be sure to give it a try!

Delight - J2Store eCommerce Gantry 5 Joomla Template

We are very happy to announce the release of our very first and super powerful eCommerce template - Delight :)

This time we decided to do something different. Instead of focusing on the Gantry 5 stuff, as we usually do by developing new particles or extending the existing ones, we decided to focus on the Joomla stuff.

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