Galaxy - Gantry 5 Joomla Template

Alright guys, it is time to present you our latest product! Meet Galaxy - a modern, clean and perfectly coded Gantry 5 theme for Joomla :)

We really wanted to release a beautiful and trendy, "boxed" design. As you know, all our previous designs are "fullwidth", meaning they fill the whole screen. Galaxy is completely different in that approach. It comes with 6 very nice presets, each of them showing the site in the middle of the screen with very nice background image that makes your website to stand out from the rest!

InspireTheme - Company Review

The last few days we had a quite interesting discussion going on here in the office. We were reviewing our stats, our products, our awesome users and our company as a whole :)

In fact, InspireTheme (Inspire Theme LTD) is showing much better results than what we were expecting! For those of you who does not already know, we are a startup and our official launch date, our birthday, is 11th of January, 2016. For the past 5 months we built a considerable userbase, we released some awesome Joomla! templates and we launched the first ever "Particle Marketplace" for Gantry 5! But this is just the beginning, the best is yet to come!

Gantry 5 Review

As most of you know every professional Joomla! template comes with a framework which holds the whole style, design and features. To me, if Joomla! is the body, the framework is the soul. You need a great soul to have a great character, no matter if it comes down to a person, product or whatever.

In the early days of my template development I've tested many frameworks like Warp, Gantry, T3 and Helix. My first choice back then was Warp 6, which offered very flexible (for the time...) functionality and features. After that I switched to Helix 2 and Helix 3, which are both very well built frameworks. In the mean time I was reading about Gantry 5 and all the cool stuff that RocketTheme team planned to do with it. I followed the progress and was there when they released it - not literally of course, I was at home, downloaded it and tried to play with it :)

Gantry 5 - Particle Marketplace

And finally, it is here! We are very proud and excited to announce the single biggest addition to our website since we launched - the first and only Particle Marketplace for Gantry 5!

The last couple of months we were very hard at work in order to put everything in place. We had to update all our particles in order to make them 100% template independent. Then we had to test them with the default Gantry 5 template (Hydrogen) and with the Rockettheme's templates so we make sure that they work out-of-the-box. Then we had to build the Demo site and to create a dedicated Documentation page for each and every particle where you can find the "Installation Instructions" for both Joomla and Wordpress as well as a demo video that shows the particle backend and how to work with it.

Icon Fonts - Gantry 5 Atom
You can find all particles and atoms in our Particle Marketplace.

And again, it is time for some Gantry 5 freebies! Today we released a nice, little addition for your Gantry 5 website - meet the "Icon Fonts" atom!

As you know, the Gantry 5 framework comes with the FontAwesome library integrated by default. There is also an input.icon YAML field type (Icon Picker) that you can use in the template settings as well as in all your particles. What this "Icon Picker" actually does is to put the class of the selected icon in the field automatically so it is added in the HTML markup and rendered on the front-end.

Royalty - Gantry 5 Joomla Template

If you are looking for a modern, creative, photography & portfolio template, then our latest Gantry 5 theme is the right choice for you! We are really happy to announce the release of Royalty - A Gantry 5 Goldie!

Royalty comes with some unique features that will make you website stand out from the rest! One of them is the Sidebar Header which stays fixed on the left/right side while you scroll. The Sidebar Header is also collapsible which is a great UX addition - visitors can just "close" it so they can see the Slideshow images in the full browser width and height or have the Portfolio items to fill out the whole available space. Of course, there are many other cool features and custom particles that come with Royalty. Let's have a closer look at the most noticable ones.

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